The Morning After

Last night you went home together. This morning you’re wondering how to politely find out this person’s last name. 

Natural Habitat 

The Gerald, Glo’s, Brass Tacks




The Hangover Sufferer

Only the most carbiest, most gravy-laden gut bomb can vanquish this headache and restore the ability to conduct lucid conversation.

Natural Habitat 

Lost Lake, Hudson, Brave Horse Tavern



The Leisurely Mimosa Swiller

Gathers in droves wearing yoga pants, discussing weird coworkers and Nashville plotlines. 

Natural Habitat 

Barrio, Oddfellows, Ravish



The Thrifty Scenester

Constantly dining at prominent restaurants. Just doing it in the morning to avoid paying $30 for an entree.

Natural Habitat 

Terra Plata, Miller’s Guild, Agrodolce




The Over-Instagrammer

Requests the seat with the most natural light and orders what’s prettiest.

Natural Habitat 

Tilth, Tallulah’s, the Fat Hen


The Harried Parents

Got small children? The only time you’re seeing the inside of a nice restaurant is at 8:30am on a Sunday.

Natural Habitat 

The Dish, Morsel, Cheeky Cafe





This feature appeared in the February 2015 issue of Seattle Met magazine.

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