Slab's entrance is a little unassuming, but awww, there's a red board out front to announce the day's specials.

The third and final component of John Sundstrom's new constellation of eateries at 10th and Seneca on Capitol Hill opens today. Slab Sandwiches and Pie is secreted away behind the bar at the chef's relocated Lark, and beneath his new crudo and charcuterie bar Bitter/Raw. Slab is a takeaway counter and coffee shop with its entrance on 10th Avenue, along the building's east side. Find your way here in the morning and you will be rewarded with juice, Caffe Vita espresso and John Sundstrom's take on a breakfast sandwich...maybe egg, white cheddar, and sausage on house-baked shallot brioche.

For lunch, Sundstrom has been plotting a brisket sandwich. It's smoked for 12 hours, the mayo is cold smoked (presumably for less than 12 hours) and even the romaine spends a little time getting charred on a plancha. Other midday menu offerings include ground lamb and labne on cumin flatbread baked in the Lark kitchen, and the chef's take on a Cubano that involves pork confit, jamon, comte, grilled scallion aoili, and smoked pickles. All sandwiches can be made on gluten-free flatbread, but the press release on today's opening contained perhaps the most beautiful phrase in all of sandwich shop history: "Crispy chicken skin can be added to any sandwich for $2."

And then there are the titular slab pies, filled with things like short ribs and hedgehog mushrooms, or a s'mores sendup with smoked marshmallows and dark chocolate from Theo.

Slab will be open daily from 10 to 3 and has a to-go cooler of wine, plus other lovely little pantry things like olives and pickles and salumi. The shop ultimately will share its entrance with another sandwich operation, Canadian export Meat and Bread, set to open this spring.


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