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Oh, Yes—There's Another Cat Cafe Planned for Seattle

Seattle Kitty Kafe is aiming for a September opening...and a location in the U District.

By Allecia Vermillion November 12, 2014

No to-go orders, please.

The cat cafe trend that's huge in Asia finally reached our nation's shores last month (other iterations in New York and elsewhere were popups). And now Seattle is making up for lost time with not one, but two local cat cafe projects that are gathering steam—and, hopefully, some funding.

Seattle Kitty Kafe (yes, Kafe with a "K") wants to make its home in the U District. Organizer McRae Naayers says a coffee shop full of stress-diminishing, cuddly animals is a natural fit in a neighborhood full of students. Especially when most potential patrons live in tiny apartments that don't allow pets.

Naayers, her husband Zach, and their Kitty Kafe business partner Jonathon Hoover plan to do some form of crowdfunding this spring and open this fall, in conjunction with the new school year.

While small matters like cash, construction, and health permits, are still in flux, Naayers says Kitty Kafe will serve tea from B. Fuller's Mortar and Pestle and Caffe Vita will be the official roaster. She's working with the Vita folks to put together a popup cat cafe, hopefully some time in March and has recruited the most famous cat in Seattle for future. I refer, of course, to renowned feline, internet phenom, and existential cogitator Henri le Chat Noir.

This bears repeating: Do not bring your pet cat to a cat cafe. These coffee shops are pre-stocked with a clowder of felines (presumably friendly ones) so catless Seattleites can enjoy their company, and maybe a latte. Cat time starts at $6 for 30 minutes, and there's a $35 all-day option. The Kitty Kafe website lays out the pricing structure and health code logistics.

Keep an eye on the Seattle Kitty Kafe Facebook page for updates. Theoretically by the end of next year, the city will have two establishments that offer cats and coffee.

Now, if only some cat-loving entrepreneur could put together a partnership with these guys.



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