Cats and Coffee

Seattle Gains—and Loses—a Cat Cafe Project

Seattle Kitty Kafe halts its hunt for a space, while newcomer Neko sets its sights on Capitol Hill.

02/05/2016 By Emma Engelfried

Cats and Coffee

The Cat Cafes Are Coming!

Two local organizations are vying to bring Seattle its first-ever confluence of cats and coffee. It’s…not as easy as it sounds.

04/27/2015 By Allecia Vermillion

Shifts & Shakeups

The Week in Restaurant News: Culty Fast Food and Vegetarian Woe

Chick-fil-A arrives, Sutra bows out, and the Central District reclaims some soul food.

04/10/2015 By Jeanny Rhee

Feline Frenzies

Oh, Yes—There's Another Cat Cafe Planned for Seattle

Seattle Kitty Kafe is aiming for a September opening...and a location in the U District.

11/12/2014 By Allecia Vermillion