Yesssss. Photo via Spaghetti Western's Facebook page.

Since closing La Bête back in August, Aleks Dimitrijevic have been busy transforming his fairy tale restaurant at 1802 Bellevue Ave into something entirely new. That something is Spaghetti Western, purveyor of barbecue and pasta. It's a curious combination, for sure. But Dimitrijevic is endlessly creative and spot-on with cooking's technical aspects, so I'm curious—nay, eager—to see what this is all about. The restaurant (re)opens November 11.

Dimitrijevic got pretty into smoking meat while making sausages during the final months of La Bête. He's also half Italian and appreciates the retro nature of the film genre. So maybe this was fate.

Spaghetti Western will have the classic array of pulled pork, ribs, sausages, and brisket, plus smoked duck legs, trout, and salmon. Choose from sides like potato salad, slaw, braised greens, or chili.

To go with all this barbecue: several types of spaghetti (maybe a spaghetti a la mac and cheese or a vegetarian version with mushrooms) and a lasagna Bolognese. Not to worry, La Bête's beloved burger, pork rinds, and chicken liver mousse will resurface here. Spaghetti Western will also let you swap in lamb or a housemade vegetarian patty.

There's also a starter menu with some salads, but the bottom line here is no matter which genre you're eating, you should probably wear forgiving pants.

In addition to building a new menu, Dimitrijevic has been busy building a new identity for his charming little dining room, with a new bar setup and some little touches that reference the 1960s-era film genre (there's least one horse-related diorama). Jake Vorono is coming back to help with the bar program, which will be more cocktail-focused than its predecessor.

The changeup happened in part because Dimitrijevic needs to drive more business in order to keep the space. To that end he'll get set up for takeout in the future, but for now he's starting out "slow like a brisket," so expect a streamlined menu for the first few weeks.


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