The old church windows from Portland and light fixture from an aircraft hangar: installed. The quartet of shuffleboard tables and 21 flat screens: ready. The opening date: now. Tavern Hall is open for business, though still working out a few kinks in one of the bar areas, so manage your expectations accordingly.

Cactus owners (and brothers) Marc and Bret Chatalas are just about done transforming the former Munchbar space in Bellevue Square into a 9,500-square-foot den of upscale tavern food and sports spectatorship. The space is next door to their newest Cactus location, but it looks completely different thanks to their partners in the venture. James Weimann and Deming Maclise brought their globetrotting go-big aesthetic to the Eastside, and decked the space out with a clock from Buenos Aires, giant decorative boulders from Baltimore—you know, the usual. Marc Chatalas says he didn't want to space to feel like a dudes-only zone, despite all the beer, football, and heavy food. 

Hours, menus, and other specifics await you on the Tavern Hall website. Meanwhile, here's what you can reasonably expect at this grand new spot.

Eat: Whatever's on the pizza cam. Yes, a camera inside the fancy Woodstone oven broadcasts its contents to one of the large screens in the dining room. Around these parts pizzas are called flatbreads and like most things on the menu, meant to be shared. The menu is full of detailed takes on classic bar food: onion rings in an Olympia beer batter, housemade soft pretzels with fancy cheese sauce, a custom-ground burger, a cheese steak made with rib eye, plus more vegetale fare like salads and roasted kabocha squash, and on and on. And on. The menu is huge and conceived by Brent Novotny, Cactus's culinary director.

Drink: At one of the two bars. The counters are topped with pennies, but don't let that distract you from the 20 beers on tap, draft cocktails, and a regular cocktail list that includes some beer-based libations.

Sit: In view of a large TV. Which is pretty much anywhere in the bars or dining room.

Bonus Intel: Tavern Hall is full of savvy little details, like power outlets near almost every table. Oh, and happy hour runs from 3 to 6 and 10 to close daily in both bar areas and the menu of food specials is ample.


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