The Tat'strami: coming soon to Amazonia and elsewhere around town. Photo via the Tat's Truck Facebook page.

A bunch of restaurants around town have rolled out trucks in recent years, but Tat’s Delicatessen—with its unfussy, unreal sandwiches and lines so long they merit a webcam—seems perfectly suited to joining the four-wheeled set. Owner Brian Tatman says the Pioneer Square sandwich shop has a truck at the ready and plans to launch it by the second week of June. 

Tatman and crew have dubbed their truck the Tatsmobile, and it will serve some of the most popular sandwiches off the deli menu: cheeseteaks, chicken cheesesteaks, the Tat'strami, and Italian subs. Plus chips and drinks.

And much as food trucks have become crimefighters in some parts of Seattle, the Tatsmobile will be decked out in full Batman-inspired cladding.

The schedule is still evolving, but the Tatsmobile will likely spend three days a week near the Amazon campus. Look for a Bellevue location, too. Tatman says the truck will be a sort of trial balloon, gauging the to determine where Tat's might open a second brick-and-mortar location.

Keep an eye on the truck's website, Twitter, and Facebook page for more specifics.


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