The former Dutch Bike Co. location in the Kolstrand Building is Staple and Fancy's new sibling.

Ethan Stowell's latest, a diminutive destination for fish, chips, and other sea fare, opens officially today, at 4741 Ballard Ave NW. 

At 600 square feet and about 25 seats (more when the front door is rolled up), Chippy's is about the same size as Stowell's tiny Tangletown spot, Mkt. But the look is much closer to Staple and Fancy, perhaps because it shares a wall; Chippy's occupies the former home of the Dutch Bike Co., giving Stowell full frontage in Ballard Ave's Kolstrand Building (in the back, of course, is Renee Erickson's Barnacle and Walrus and the Carpenter).

In addition to several types of fish and chips—with attendant dipping sauces, of course—the menu includes a few types of chowder, Dungenness crab rolls, crab and avocado dip, and fried oysters. Hours are 5 to 11 weekdays, and 4 to 11 on weekends.

Aside from the large neon sign that announces "Fish," there aren't a lot of nautical touches here. Though there's talk of some sea-inspired art over the banquettes, perhaps in the vein of the sea captain from The Simpsons, a move I heartily endorse. Have a look around, and check out a few more menu details, and a lame prostitute joke, in the images above.





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