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It's National Chocolate Cake Day

And we've got all the best places to eat it.

By Chelsea Lin January 27, 2014

This tiny chocolate bomb may actually kill you. In a good way, of course. Photo courtesy of Cupcake Royale.

Not only is January 27 National Chocolate Cake Day, but it's also a Monday. And nearly Valentine’s Day. Clearly, you need this roundup of where to find the most decadent, most delicious chocolate cakes in town:

Cupcake Royale
Each year around this time, Cupcake Royale tries to lure us into a diabetic coma with its Deathcake Royale, a bite-sized flourless chocolate cake that’s generously salted and glazed with Theo chocolate ganache. There’s a Stumptown espresso chocolate cookie in there somewhere, too. If you’re the sort who can’t turn down a special, know this devlish sweet won’t be around longer than a couple more weeks, though the Triple Threat cupcake will do in a pinch.

Hot Cakes
This is an obvious choice, since Autumn Martin’s teensy molten chocolate cakes are a mainstay for anyone with a sweet tooth. And while it’s smart to have a couple of her batter-filled jars in your freezer at home for emergencies, the hot cakes are best enjoyed in the Ballard shop, where you can have them paired with vanilla ice cream and salted caramel or peanut butter fudge. There’s even a vegan version.

Simply Desserts
Cakes are what this Fremont shop does best, and there’s no shortage of them. The menu is an embarrassment of chocolate cakes: chocolate hazelnut, chocolate truffle, chocolate caramel, chocolate mint, chocolate raspberry, chocolate fudge. Whatever your preference, keep in mind that Simply Desserts doesn’t take credit cards.

Bakery Nouveau
It’s hard to look beyond the breakfast pastries at Bakery Nouveau, but the perfection of their cakes and tarts is not to be ignored. There's something charming about a rustic frosting job, but these are pro—the sort of cakes pretty enough to bring whole as a hostess gift or devour slices of with afternoon coffee. The classic chocolate cake is meant for traditionalists, though true fans of dark chocolate will want to also try the mousse made with 70 percent dark chocolate and coated with a deep, dark glaze.

Metropolitan Grill
You may not think you have room for dessert after inhaling a 25-ounce porterhouse, but you’d be remiss to forego the chocolate cake, with its dizzying nine layers of devil’s food cake and chocolate buttercream, at old school Metropolitan Grill.

Honorable Mention: Wandering Goose
When you happen upon a slice of Heather Earnhardt’s chocolate Bundt cake, it’s a revelation: “thickly chocolaty with a delicate crumb, its icing shined and sweetened with Steen’s, the South’s signature cane syrup,” according to Kathryn Robinson. Unfortunately for chocoholics, the day’s pastry case offerings are at Earnhardt’s whim, so you won’t always find it. Maybe that’s what makes it so delightful?


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