Dumplings for Days

Din Tai Fung's Seattle Location Finally Opens Sunday

U Village's new expansion will soon feature the Taiwanese chain's infamous xiao long bao.

By Chelsea Lin December 27, 2013

The talented hands at DTF Bellevue location in a training class prior to its 2010 opening.

That old adage about saving the best for last? It’s coming true Sunday, December 29, when Din Tai Fung—the final opening in U Village’s blitz of new restaurants—opens its doors. (The 6 p.m. ribbon-cutting will reportedly, and somewhat incongruously, be attended by the mayor.) 

When the Taiwanese chain opened its first Seattle-area location in Bellevue in 2010, diners waited for hours to get in, mostly to indulge in the specialty soup dumplings known as xiao long bao. And though the restaurant is still best known for its neatly pleated steamed dumplings—take a peak into the kitchen via a looky-loo window up front and see employees frantically folding the delicate bites—the menu features an assortment of other dishes that are balanced and flavorful; I particularly like the shrimp and pork wonton in spicy sauce and the simply dressed sliced cucumbers.

Managing partner David Wasielewski told Rebekah Denn of the Seattle Times that the 230-seat Seattle spot will have a bar about twice as big as Bellevue’s, and a bigger kitchen as well. When Allecia Vermillion spoke to Wasielewski back in May, he mentioned TVs (for Husky fans, presumably) in that big bar. Denn also shares this valuable tip: restaurant workers can text you when your table’s ready, so you can put your name in, go hit the sales at Anthropologie, and come back when it’s time to eat. 


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