See You Guys In Three Months

Goodbye, Nosh Pit (at least for now), hello sleep deprivation.

By Allecia Vermillion November 20, 2013

Look for this onesie (if not this specific baby) to make an appearance on Instagram in the coming months.

If you are reading this, it means that some mind-blowing life events just happened for me and I'll be on maternity leave for the next three months. 

Obviously pregnancy comes with a lot of food and drink restrictions, so I've made a sort of parlor game out of fantasizing about what I will consume—and imbibe—when there's no longer a tiny person doing mixed martial arts in my midsection. My husband has heard my demands that he flagrantly violate state health codes and procure rosé, lambrusco, a nice Belgian-style tripel, some sashimi, and at least three dozen oysters to bring to the hospital. Yes, I know that when the time comes I will probably be too drained and overwhelmed to even think about such things. But planning my grand reunion with raw food and booze brings me comfort on long days filled with haphazard fruit consumption and lean protein.

I'd like to extend a particular thanks to all the fine Seattle establishments that make milkshakes (8oz. Burger and Co. doesn't look at you funny if you bring your own to-go cup), to Anna Wallace for that amazing celery soda, and to a few discreet bartenders who quietly kept the mocktails coming in those early days without calling attention to their lack of alcohol. Please don't tell my mom that you knew my news before she did.

Meanwhile, I asked a few notable women in the food community, who also happen to be mothers, about their cravings for food, for drinks, or just for patience in being the only sober person in the room. Read on, happy holidays, and I'll see you in February. The lovely Chelsea Lin will be here in my stead.

Rachel Yang: Chef/owner of Joule and Revel
I was pretty much a pickle/ kimchi kind of gal. I could really have like a whole jar of it in one seating. I had cravings for anything spicy and with lots of spice like Indian or Thai food. I kind of cheated and ate runny egg yolks a few times and had a raw salmon dish at Canlis once while I was pregnant! I think the first thing I ate after I had my baby was an oyster. Just that cold briny sweetness was pretty amazing after being deprived of it for 10 months!

Rachel Marshall: Founder of Rachel's Ginger Beer, co-conspirator of Nacho Borracho, and co-owner of Montana (and due to start this adventure herself in two months)
When I'm done I am looking forward to not being the only sober one at Montana. Somehow everyone is far less charming when they're three mules deep and I'm sober and tired. [Ed. note: I omitted the smiley emoticon that followed this message, so read this in a lighthearted tone, rather than a cranky one. Though this scenario would personally make me damn cranky.]

Rebekah Denn: Food writer at the Seattle Times
With baby no. 1, my best friend brought over a plate of sushi and blue cheese soon after we arrived home, and never has a combination seemed so perfect. Baby no. 2 came right when the first Trophy Cupcakes opened, and good friends brought us a box of triple chocolate cupcakes as I was recovering from the C-section. I wouldn't say I had been denying myself cupcakes, but I do remember asking if they could really be that amazing, or if it was the Percocet. And with no. 3 we looked at the piece of underseasoned, flabby chicken breast that came up from the hospital cafeteria, and my very wonderful husband took off for Poppy and brought me back a thali to go. Nancy Leson was there meeting the baby by the time he got back, and there may have been celebratory alcohol involved. 

Molly Moon: Founder of, uh, Molly Moon's
I couldn't WAIT to eat raw oysters, most of all. But I also have a pretty healthy Seattleite addiction to coffee, so I was thankful to be able to increase my daily dosage a bit once February was born, even though I'm still tempering my desires due to nursing. Another strange thing is that I'm not much of a beer drinker at all, but while I was pregnant, I craved Dos Equis lagers (the one in the green bottle), and would occasionally need a sip from my husband's bottle.



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