These not-testicles can be enjoyed at Marination Ma Kai.

A colleague was browsing the Food Lover’s Companion last week and found, between “terroir” and “Tete de Moine,” this:

Testicles:   See fries.”

So it's sort of understandable that the bible of culinary terminology has an entry for testicles, since some people enjoy eating them. But blech that the definition leads to a food you thought you loved: 

Fries:  1. Also called Mountain oysters, Rocky Mountain oysters and prairie oysters, these are the testicles of an animal such as a calf, sheep or boar. Those from a younger animal are best…Though they’re not terribly popular in the United States, testicles are considered a delicacy in Italy and France. They can be sautéed, deep-fried, braised and poached… 2. Abbreviated term for French fries.”

French fries as the second definition for fries? Weirdest thing of all.

Quick: Click on this slide show of our picks for the best fries in Seattle. By which I mean best French fries in Seattle.


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