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Serious Pie and Serious Biscuit Expand in South Lake Union

Tom Douglas's house of pizza and biscuits will add a streetside dining room, complete with bar.

By Allecia Vermillion October 9, 2013

Serious pie is serious.

Hey, guys—Tom Douglas is opening a new bar! Well, kind of. Okay, not really. But he is building one to accommodate more people at the South Lake Union location of Serious Pie, and its carb-exultant downstairs neighbor, Serious Biscuit. 

T-Doug partner Eric Tanaka told me this morning that the former home of Soul Wine, Michael Teer’s lovely bottle shop tucked beneath the pizzeria’s Westlake location, will soon become an extension of Serious Pie and Serious Biscuit. 

First, let’s take a moment to mourn the closure of Soul Wine, where the staff always did a great job at translating my disjointed ramblings into the perfect bottle purchase. According to the Soul Wine voice mail, you can still find Teer and crew at his original store, Pike and Western wine shop. 

As for what’s happening in the space, Tanaka says it will hold a bar and about 30 additional seats for the crowds at Serious Pie and its downstairs sibling, Serious Biscuit. It won’t be a waiting spot/watering hole (please, nobody ever coin the term waitering hole) like Barnacle or Essex, but a legit place to get seated and order a full meal from the Serious Pie menu. 

Since Soul Wine was generally closed by about 7pm, the building can look dark and unwelcoming at night, even though there is some serious pizza consumption happening on the second floor. Tanaka, who started life as an urban planner, appreciates that passersby will soon see a room full of diners rather than a dark storefront. 

There’s talk of having the new space done by December 1, but all the usual unknowns and variables of restaurant construction are at play here.


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