The bar at Bar Sue. The loft above will host DJs at upcoming events. Yeah, up there.

The old Lucky 8 location at 14th and Union is now home to a cozy new bar. Enter the sunken room and you feel like you're in...a bar. It’s not one of those restaurants that happens to have tons of booze, or a bar with a full coursed menu.

It’s simple; it’s a bar. You order at the bar. You seat yourself. You drink. You eat. Dark navy walls, and lots of exposed and repurposed wood surround long, communal-style bench seating in the center, and booths line the outer walls. The menu is Southern-style bar food—fully fried and alcohol absorbing.

Speaking of alcohol absorption, the Double D’s chicken sandwich comes on a fluffy toasted bun, with thick housemade pickle slices, and secret tangy sauce. The chicken has a secret too, but we're going to tell you—it’s coated in crushed Cool Ranch Doritos. That’s right. If you’re on the anti-Cool Ranch flavor team like the Seattle police, then maybe the pulled pork Carolina barbecue sandwich (a recipe from the menu at the original Matt’s in the Market location) or a blackened catfish sandwich.

You can order French fries too; it’s not one of those “bars” without a deep fryer. And, please do yourself a favor, and dip them in the Velveeta-pimento cheese sauce. Or have hushpuppies; they're also deep-fried and serve as fluffy goodness booze soaker uppers.

And what about all this booze? Co-owner Chris King is originally from the south and has been here for 14 years. He likes his drinks strong and with catchy names. Grandpa’s Medicine, for example, has Mt. Gay black barrel rum, Fernet, blackberry crème di mure, and lemonade. And even one of the chasers is straight up brawny, the Guns and Steel is a shot of Old Crow with a fresh juiced ginger shot courtesy of Juicebox, (opening its own spot soon). So it's like a pickle back, but a ginger back. Not to mention insanely cheap happy hour specials, like a shot of Old Crow, which during the 5-to-7 daily happy hour will run you $1—one whole American dollar. King realizes that this is a bit ridiculous—so get it while it lasts—along with a $1 Rainier and $1 hushpuppies.

Bar Sue is open seven days a week from 5pm to 2am—you know, normal bar hours. Look for updates and events at the Bar Sue Facebook page, here.