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We've got just a few more months on 2013, but as you can see from the hefty list below, there are plenty of places to anticipate in this final quarter...even after the recent flurry of openings. I held back on a few (I'm looking at you Liberty 2.0 and Quentin Ertel's new restaurant) since details are scant, but do tell of any other impending arrivals that have you fired up.

Altstadt Bierhalle and Brathaus
Pioneer Square’s restaurant resurgence is moving in a more casual direction with this den of German beer and cased meats slated for 209 First Ave S. Hitchcock chef-owner Brendan McGill is partnering with front-of-house employee Lex Petras to give the neighborhood long beer hall­–style tables and plates of sausages, kraut, and mustard (the menu is ferociously housemade) and steins of German beer.
Target open: Oktoberfest. By which we mean, October. Yes, we know Oktoberfest technically happens in September. Just go with it, okay?  

Several big-name local chefs are staking a claim downtown, and the first to open will be Jason Stratton’s third restaurant, located at First and Union. We can’t decide which is more exciting: the idea of Italotastic Stratton taking on modern Spanish food, or the fact that he installed upcoming Top Chef competitor and all-around badass Carrie Mashaney in the kitchen.
Target open: October 

Blink and Renee Erickson’s new wine bar might be open. It’s looking awfully close. She and her partners took over a tiny pocket of the Kolstrand Building, which also houses the Walrus and the Carpenter, and installed some Moroccan tile and a killer copper-topped bar, from whence will come simple (but probably sublime) plates from Walrus’s Eli Dahlin, wines by the glass, and cocktails that focus on aperitivi.
Target open: Any minute now 

Brimmer and Heeltap
Exciting: Wine industry veteran Jen Doak has found a location for her long-cherished dream of opening a spot that’s part bistro, part pub. Way exciting: She’s doing it in the former Le Gourmand Space. Holy crap exciting: Her partner (and chef) is longtime Revel and Joule kitchen lieutenant Mike Whisenhunt. So look for a few Asian notes to surface in his European-toned menu.
Target open: “The goal is before the holidays,” says Doak. 

Bourbon and Bones
Michael Law knows how to strike a pose. He also knows how to fry some chicken. And the man behind the food menu at Wandering Goose is taking over the former home of Anita’s Crepes, turning it into a haven of brown liquor and fried chicken. But don’t pigeonhole this guy just yet; Law spent a few years cooking in Europe and is excited to introduce some favorite techniques here.
Target open: Law says he’s about six weeks away. Knock on wood, quick. 

Cupcake Royale
The newest cupcake shop is slated for the top of Queen Anne Hill, in the former Pasta and Co. space. It will have the full array of ice cream and cupcakes, a sprinkle bar, cold-brewed Stumptown on draft, and a whole new line of breakfast pastries likes biscuits and scones.
Target open: mid-September. 

Din Tai Fung
First there was the Bellevue location, where waits for a table were so long you could practically go take in a movie next door. Then there were rumors and hopes and dreams that the Taiwan-based chain would bring its sought-after soup dumplings to the 206. Those dreams become a reality later this year at U Village. Good thing the mall is building that new parking structure.
Target open: Before holiday shopping chaos takes over. 

El Borracho Taqueria y Cantina
Aww, this is nice. Eater Seattle says that Kittie Davidovich (also owner of Le Bon Ton Roule) is planning a second location of her Pike Place Market cantina. It will be at 465 Leary Way, right next to Billy Beach Sushi and Bar.
Target open: November 

I wasn’t familiar with this California chainlet before it staked a claim in the Sonrisa Modern Mex space at U Village. But the burger-centric menu claims all the craft, small-batch allegiances we enjoy here in Seattle. The food sounds solid, but here’s some good news for anyone stranded at the mall while their partner shops: There will be 40 taps and a 21-bottle whiskey list, as well as a reserve bottle list that just might contain the words “Pappy Van Winkle.”
Target open: December  

Hollywood Tavern
Now that Westward and Little Gull are open, Joshua Henderson is turning his attention to the Woodinville destination taking shape around the old Hollywood Tavern (and before that, Mabel’s). Angie Roberts will be in the kitchen producing hand-made pasta, wood-fired plates, and a killer cheeseburger. Maggie Savarino is all over the bar menu. And across a courtyard will be Woodinville Whiskey’s massive new complex.
Target open: September…ish? At least for the tavern side of things. 

The farmers market stand turned juice bar popup is turning brick and mortar at 1517 12th Ave. But chef-owners Kari Brunson and Brandin Myett are wary of people associating their fresh-pressed, seasonal juices with hippies and crunchiness and dreamcatchers. Juicebox will be a full-on café, serving vegetable-focused breakfast and lunch options, plus coffee and biodynamic wine. On Friday nights, they’ll do a full-on dinner.
Target open: Late fall 

La Bodega
Manu Alfau has cooked at Anchovies and Olives and Blind Pig Bistro. Now he’s opening his own place, a Dominican sandwich shop, which draws from his own background. You can find his signature sandwiches of roasted, marinated pork shoulder at 100 Prefontaine Pl S.
Target open: Uh, fall? 

Le Petit Cochon
After serving as sous chef for his brother, Dustin, at Art of the Table, Derek Ronspies has some big, porky plans for the former Showa address in Fremont. He’s going nose-to-tail, and bringing in seasonal produce and influences from across southern Europe. The restaurant’s website is, if that gives you an idea of what to expect.
Target open: Ronspies is hoping for September 24, so cross your fingers the restaurant gods cooperate.

Beecher's founder Kurt Dammeier is part of the influx of cool new projects at U Village. Liam's will cater to grown-ups with shareable platters of protein and vegetables, plus some seriously creative sausages. He's got another spot, Max's, in the works in South Lake Union. Along with a bakery. And a new meat venture. You know, no big deal.
Target open: October 20  

Loulay Kitchen and Bar
Information is still scant on Thierry Rautureau’s downtown spot, going in at Sixth and Union. But hey, that doesn't stop us from being excited and curious. Target open: Rautureau intimated November to me, but that was ago and nothing has even been announced yet. This one requires patience.
Target open: If I didn't hate puns, I'd say something here about how Rautureau is keeping this under his hat. 

Ethan Stowell's next restaurant will also be his smallest. And the space at 2108 N 55th Street will be Stowell's first foray into Tangletown. Joe Ritchie, a talented chef seen previously at Ray's and as sous chef at Herbfarm, will captain a menu divided into snack, meat, fish, and vegetable categories. The entire cocktail list (technically the cocktails themselves, not the actual printed list) will be barrel aged. The name is pronounced "market."
Target open: Mid-September 

Mezcaleria Oaxaca
We haven't heard much on the subject of the restaurant's Capitol Hill outpost since it was announced in April. But we're still excited about the food, the mezcal selection, and the rooftop patio planned for Summit and Pine.
Target open:
According to some highly unofficial server intel, late fall.  

The Miller’s Guild
Most people know Jason Wilson as the James Beard–winning guy behind the arresting menu at Crush. But he's taking over the restaurant space at Hotel Max and exploring his meaty side. The Miller's Guild will put a nose-to-tail spin on the traditional steakhouse format. And Wilson is downright giddy about the custom Infierno wood-fired grill that anchors the room. Since Miller's Guild is technically a hotel restaurant, Wilson's got menus planned from breakfast through dinner. There's also a cool Portland connection. This will be a big deal, guys.
Target open: Hopefully around Thanksgiving. 

Molly Moon’s
The amount of new eateries at U Village borders on the ridiculous. The ice cream shop is moving into the new building taking shape on the south end of the shopping center and promises a cafe-like vibe.
Target open: November  

Speaking of ice cream, Skillet Diner's Ballard location is getting a most intriguing neighbor. You might know Parfait ice cream from it's chocolate-covered truck (and very appealing wares). Now owner Adria Shimada is combining her made-from-scratch ice cream business and her pastry background to open an ice cream patisserie. You'll find hand-dipped ice cream bars, push pops, profiteroles, madeleines, ice cream cakes and pies, and plain old scoops.
Target open: October is the latest word. 

Matthew Lewis and crew (and by crew I especially mean chef Mike Robertshaw and bar manager Ian Cargill) have been busy finalizing and fine tuning his new Fremont restaurant in the former Buckaroo Tavern. Oh yeah, there's some buildout to finish, too. Roux will pack all the New Orleans charm of Lewis's truck, Where Ya At Matt, but with walls, a roof, all-day beignets, slightly fancier Creole-inspired dinner fare, lots of Abita, chicory coffee, and special chicory beer he developed with Elysian.
Target open: This one has been a long time coming, but the wait should end this month.

What the hell, we'll include Linda Derschang's 19th Avenue project, even though details are scant. What we know: Tallulah's will be cut of similar cloth as Smith. And, according to Capitol Hill Seattle blog, will have some pretty sweet neighbors. That's enough to keep us excited.
Target open: First we heard December. Then fall. Maybe some sort of betting pool is in order.


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