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The Photography of 'Modernist Cuisine' Is Now a Museum Exhibit

It debuts in October at the Pacific Science Center.

By Allecia Vermillion August 22, 2013

You can't do that with an Instagram filter. Image via

Modernist Cuisine—or, more specifically, the stunning photography of Modernist Cuisine—is getting its own traveling museum exhibit. And it debuts this fall at the Pacific Science Center. 

Groundbreaking, gamechanging, and a host of other superlatives apply to this multi-volume cookbook hatched in the Bellevue kitchen lab of Nathan Myhrvold. But I’d argue these volumes wouldn’t be a worldwide phenomenon without the arresting photos, from a cutaway shot of a grill with flaming charcoal still inside to an action view into the inner workings of a 13-spice grinder. 

The exhibit is happening in conjunction with Myhrvold’s forthcoming book, The Photography of Modernist Cuisine. It opens at the Pacific Science Center October 26 and runs through February 17, 2014. Entry is included in the admission fee, which is a hell of a lot cheaper than a copy of the book, which ranges from about $375 to $625 at various retailers. Plus you can geek out on background information on the techniques used, like panoramic stitching and something called focus stacking, scientific departures from most mainstream food photography.

Photography is one of Myhrvold's approximately 10,000 passions and interests. The 100 large-format photos that will be on display also include plenty of images created by Modernist Cuisine photo editor Ryan Matthew Smith, who is now part of the team over at ChefSteps. Find more information on the exhibit right over here.


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