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Fine, it's debatable whether these technically qualify as popups, but they are technically two opportunities to see some seriously talented chefs cook a new style of food. In one case, it's a look forward to a restaurant that opens this fall; in the other, it's a look back to celebrate seven years. Either way, we're excited.

Taste of Aragona
Friday, August 16, 6:30, $125 per person 
Jason Stratton’s Aragona is slated to open in late September at First and Union, but the undercurrent of excitement is already running strong. Very strong. I'm still thinking about the xuxos, the deep-fried, cream-filled pastries that chef Carrie Mashaney served at the Seattle Street Food Festival this past weekend. The xuxos and a host of other dishes will make an appearance this Friday, August 16, at an Aragona preview dinner at the VUDE space in South Lake Union. What this means: a chance to try some of the modern Spanish dishes that have been populating both Stratton's Instagram feed and my hunger-induced daydreams. The five-course dinner is $125 per person. This includes wine, but not tax and tip. But again—wine! Paired by the brilliant Chris Tanghe, no less. The menu includes plates like torreznos of deep-fried pork belly with brandy and sea salt, slow-cooked Iberico pork ribs, and a rice dish made with spot prawns, Romano beans, and sea urchin allioli (the Catalan cousin to France's aioli). In summary, the lineup of dishes and wine looks ridiculously appealing, and you can buy tickets here.

Tilth Seventh Anniversary Barbecue
Saturday, August 31, 2:30-4:30, $45 per person
Maria Hines strikes me as a chef with tons of different food interests (see also: Golden Beetle, Agrodolce). So for the seventh anniversary of Tilth, she’s pivoting away from the restaurant’s composed seasonality to…barbecue. And bourbon. I like where this is headed. The afternoon meal itself is a four-course affair, consisting of 11 family-style dishes from bone marrow and tomato jam on toast,  to corn crème brulee with candied bacon. The meat situation involves pulled-pork sliders done Carolina style, and some pork ribs, done wet-style, meaning they’re brushed with a sauce throughout their low-and-slow sojourn. Tilth is laying in quite the supply of bourbons for the day, and there will be a barbecue-friendly bourbon cocktail happening, too. That $45 ticket doesn’t include tax, tip, or booze. But it still sounds like a screaming good deal. Call the restaurant for reservations.


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