The with chicken. Photo via Google.

Chris Dalton of Duck Island Ale House sent word recently that the Green Lake beer bar has added a kitchen. Which means, by extension, it added an actual food menu. The Duck fans I know enjoy drinking here for two reasons—the array of 27 taps that often stray far afield from the usual suspects, and the fact that you can order in food from neighbor-sibling Beth’s Café.

Not to worry, you’re still welcome to wash down a Trappist ale with a 12-egg omelet or corned beef hash, Dalton says Duck Island now has full-on food menu thanks to a recent remodel and new chef Rick Gerbus. It’s got pork shanks, wings, a handful of salads, and something he calls Duck Island Fricken Chicken. It’s basically fried in a pressure cooker, a technique Dalton appreciates because the inside stays juicy while the outside isn’t greasy. At least not on the grease scale of fried chicken. 

In addition to adding a full kichen, the remodel also left the Duck with some new swivel chairs at the bar (made from actual automobile seats) and—be still my heart—a Skee Ball machine.


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