Old school—you don't see these much any more. Photo via Percy's Facebook page.

Percy’s, the apothecary-styled bar opening on Ballard Ave, is shooting for an August open, if the fates (and permit, inspection, and construction timelines) cooperate. The bar at 5233 Ballard Ave NW (now formally called Percy's and Co.) will specialize in housemade fruit purees, spirit infusions and herbal add-ons designed to cure what ails you. 

But owner Jeff Ofelt is wary of the term “craft cocktail bar;” he’s adamant that the space will still have a neighborhood bar feel. 

“People always want to peg you as fancy or upscale,” he says. “We will not be fancy nor upscale. Though our drinks sound labor intensive, it’s a lot of prep work behind the scenes.” And prices will hover around $8, not exactly well drink territory but well within the single digits. 

Ofelt and partner Wade Weigel are also behind Bimbo’s Cantina, the Cha Cha Lounge, and King’s Hardware. This time around they’re joining up with cousins Kyle Taylor and Joe Peterson, longtime friends and veterans of New York City’s Apotheke. 

“These guys are really bar chefs,” says Ofelt of his barmen partners. Drinks slated for the menu include the mother’s helper, made with sage-infused gin and topped with housemade kombucha. Ofelt said the combination appeals even to people who are tepid on kombucha.

Percy’s is also working with Dandelion Botanicals down the street on developing its own tinctures geared toward things like brain power, libido, skin, energy, immunity, and “female balance.” The tinctures are relatively flavorless, says Ofelt, and you can add one to any cocktail, or tell the bartender your various woes (I mean, after a few drinks you were probably going to do that anyway) and ask for something made just for you.

Dave Lamping, who came over from his prior gig as chef at Smith, is planning a menu of small, seasonal plates like blistered cherry tomatoes with housemade ricotta and fried basil. As Ofelt puts it, "Bar food that isn't bar food" and plays nicely with the cocktails' fresh herb and fruit notes. 


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