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Sean Sullivan's Wine of the Week: For A Song's Caliche Lake Vineyard Riesling

Washington's newest growing region delivers an irresistible riesling.

By Sean P. Sullivan June 12, 2013

Every week the founder of Washington Wine Report, Wine Enthusiast contributing editor, and Seattle Met's house wine guru recommends a (typically) budget-friendly Northwest wine.  

What: For A Song Caliche Lake Vineyard Riesling Columbia Valley 2012 $10

Where: Fremont Wine, Esquin

Why: Riesling is grown throughout the Columbia Valley but the grape has become a calling card for one region in particular—Ancient Lakes. Situated along the Columbia River and bisected by Interstate-90 (if you've attended a concert at the Gorge Amphitheatre you've passed through the area), Ancient Lakes became Washington's 13th federally approved growing region late last year.

Nearly 1,000 of the region's 1,400 planted acres are dedicated to riesling. And that comes as no surprise after tasting the 2012 For A Song Caliche Lake Vineyard Riesling—the grape positively thrives there. Ancient Lakes wine is known for its bright acidity and mineral notes (think wet stone) and we get both here, along with hints of peach and pear. Though the wine comes with 2.4 percent residual sugar, it's balanced by tart acids, making it a perfect accompaniment to spicy fare like Thai food. And at $10, it's irresistible.



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