The Big Breezy, the Patio Punch, and the Sunset Sail. Bottoms up, or whatever.

If only these popsicles had booze in them. This is a wish you’ll never have to make again thanks to Boka Restaurant and Bar on First Ave. The restaurant sent word that bar manager (her official title is chief mixologist) Mi-Suk Ahn is freezing up so-called grown-up popsicles—basically little cubes of mixers ­and garnish, to be sunk into a combination of liquor and a little artistic liberty—and it changes weekly. The boxy popsicles come in a variety of flavors, ranging from a citrus-forward “Sunset Sail” topped off with shiso leaf–infused rum and raspberries, to the very cool cucumber-pear-mint drink “Patio Punch.” Um, yes.

The best part is that every Tuesday (Boozy Tuesday in Boka parlance) these little guys go for 7 bucks.

If adult popsicles (this term sounds wrong) aren’t your thing, Boka is making a liquor-laden take on the banana split. For $9 during happy hour the Drunken Monkey includes Calvados ice cream, bourbon caramel sauce, chocolate stout fudge, drunken bananas, and brandied cherries. There's even a bit of caramel corn for your drunken munchies enjoyment.


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