You can finally get a taste...maybe. Image via BB Ranch Facebook page.

 Coming June 8 to BB Ranch: a new batch of the marijuana-fed pork that's now world famous. Or at least Internet world famous. The pot pigs have garnered a lot of attention this past month, putting the butcher shop on the map and inspiring reporters to dig deep for those puns and alliterations from high hogs to potent pork. Which it might be the right time to humbly note that you read about it here first.

Due to high demand for the meat, owner William von Schneidau isn’t letting just anybody wander in off the street to pick up a pork chop. As the BB Ranch Facebook page explains, “we don't have enough to meet demand, so we are making this shipment of pot pigs available first for members of our mailing list.” Signing up will get you a spot in line for some of the shop's limited supply of ganga-fed swine. Then see for yourself if feeding pigs a bunch of marijuana stems and leaves does indeed result in a more savory cut of meat. 

Follow the pot pig progress at the BB Ranch Facebook page, here


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