Two of these meals involve ferry rides. Photo via A. Davey/Flickr.

 There's something about long days and heaps of amazing in-season produce that makes chefs wander, either geographically or at least on their menus. Here are the first, or latest, installments of some ongoing dinner series that sound, quite frankly, amazing. We're running the gamut from a $25 plate of beef to a $500 blowout with some of the top chefs in the nation, here.

Sustainable Seafood at Madison Park Conservatory
June 24
Co-owner Bryan Jarr co-authored the recent cookbook from the Pike Place Market fish guys, called…In the Kitchen with the Pike Place Fish Guys. Now the restaurant is launching a dinner series that focuses on seafood procured by sustainable means. Dinner is $70 and the three-course meal (plus dessert) showcases salmon from both Washington and Alaska’s Copper River (though presumably not the dessert). Plus you get a copy of the cookbook. Reserve your spot on that what the kids are using now?

Seattle Brisket Experience
July 4
Obviously Independence Day begs for barbecue, particularly the legit low and slow kind. Texas native and brisket obsessive Jack Timmons has another of his semi-underground barbecue dinners in the works at Chungee’s on 12th Avenue. There are seatings at 6 and 8pm and a $25 ticket buys you literally a pound of meat (it’s okay to split it with a friend, though that surely wouldn't fly in Texas).

LloydMartin Farmers Market Dinners
Thursdays, starting July 11
Chef-owner Sam Crannell happens to work down the street from a pretty great farmers market. So every Thursday he visits, lays in a supply of produce that strikes his fancy, and puts on a special Thursday-night menu significantly amped up by the day's produce and protein finds. The farmers market menu is available between 5 and 7 on Thursday evenings; the price will vary based on what Crannell's cooking, but it should be between $30 and $45 for a three-course meal. Reservations would be a good idea. Oh, and Crannell plans to continue this through the end of the farmers market season in October.

Willows Inn First Harvest Dinner
July 24 and 25
Good god. I need a fainting couch. Chef Blaine Wetzel is bringing in Grant Achatz of Alinea, Dominique Crenn of Atelier Crenn in San Francisco, Christopher Kostow of the Restaurant at Meadowood, Justin Yu from Houston restaurant Oxheart, and Virgilio Martinez from Central Restaurante in Lima, Peru. It's basically akin to getting a quintet of internationally famous, triple-platinum recording artists showing up to sing at your backyard birthday party. This is the second year the dining mecca on Lummi Island is putting on a dinner of this magnitude. Dinner is $500 a person (tip and drink pairing is included; tax isn't) and you might want to reserve a room after this magnificent display goes down. Here are all the details you need to reserve (and you'll surely want to do so in advance).

Lark Popup on Orcas Island
July 25-27
Chef John Sundstrom is hopping a ferry and taking over the kitchen at Roses Café and Bakery in Eastsound, one of his favorite stops on Orcas Island. He'll be making dinner for three nights; it's $60 for three courses, plus a family-style dessert, minus tax, tip and booze. Ponder your menu options (but really you should get the Iberico pork presa) on Lark's website.