Valentine’s Day Survival Stuff

No need to hate on V-Day. There are some good things like wine dinners and double-ganache cakes.

By Jessica Voelker February 10, 2011

The Deathcake Royale: eat it.

Most people I know don’t like Valentine’s Day so much. But it’s not all bad. Here are three very good Valentine’s Day things.

1. This wine dinner at Madison Park Conservatory: On February 13, the new-but-already-beloved MPC (now you know what the cool/lazy kids call it) is co-hosting a $125 dinner with the winemaker and owner of Vignalta, an Italian winery.

The menu includes: fluke crudo, quail al Mattone (that usually means cooked/grilled under a brick) with pear mostarda and radicchio, tongue and cheek raviolo, and grilled venison with celery root caponata and cocoa nib gremolata. Plus: cheese, sweets, palate cleansers, and lots of wine.

Best of all it’s one long table—none of the coupley mumbo jumbo. Go with your friends! It’s just a day!

2. Deathcake Royale, the double-ganached chocolate cakelet that Cupcake Royale rolls out every year amidst much marketing fanfare. It costs $6.65 and tastes unbelievably good, thanks, in no small part, to the fact that one of its ganaches is laced with Stumptown coffee.

3. Snoopy Valentine cards. Those make everyone happy.

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