Get ready for spicy wings. But probably in smaller portions, since this TDR Facebook photo is from staff meal.

 I’ve been hearing buzzings from inside the Tom Douglas camp that Assembly Hall—T-Doug’s new bastion of fresh juices, market goods, baked delights, and breakfast hash—will open June 7.  Then over the weekend the man himself confirmed it on his Seattle Kitchen radio show with Thierry Rautureau. With the obvious caveat that this date might get pushed back if something goes awry.

The topic of Assembly Hall came up because the two chefs were taping their show for the first time in a brand new space seven floors above the project. Assembly Hall is located in the Via 6 apartment complex at Sixth and Lenora; the building will also be home to the chefs’ radio sessions.

Assembly Hall, you’ll recall, is also home to Tanakasan, the Asian-driven restaurant that pays tribute to the Japanese roots and LA-area upbringing of one Eric Tanaka, T-Doug’s business partner and quite an influential guy, if we do say so ourselves. This means ramen, spicy chicken wings, and rice bowls. I also caught a peek recently at the enormous lunch menu; savory pancakes are involved.

So—June 7. Mark your calendars. And keep an eye on that promising new patio.


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