Happy Hour

This Week in Happy Hour: Margarita Edition

Most of us have a friend who claims to get mean when drinking tequila. Might as well leave them at home for this round.

By Cassandra Callan May 30, 2013

A rainbow of margarita concoctions. Image via Barrio's Facebook page.

Going out for margaritas often brings out the usual suspects: chips and salsa, guacamole, and that one friend who claims she (he?) gets mean when drinking tequila. So consider taking that friend to Radiator Whiskey  for a bourbon margarita and don’t let him/her near Barrio at any time, really ever, but especially on Mondays when tequila is half price. For those of us who become just lovable lugs when we're a few agaves deep, these happy hours with margaritas are calling our names.

Radiator Whiskey
Of course it’s a margarita sans tequila—sub bourbon—here, cause that’s how they do. Bar manager Sara Rosales's bourbon marg is $8, along with all draft beers for $4. A rotating “punch bowl” currently with brandy, dark rum, and citrus is $5 per glass. A Rainer tallboy and a shot of Evan Williams is $7; further proof the shot and a beer combo is not just for line cooks anymore. And while you’re here, you should probably eat some of Tyler Palagi and Charlie Garrison's meat creations, maybe in the form of a porchetta sandwich with Mama Lil’s Peppers and Fritos for $12.

I know where I’m going this Sunday: It's five-dollar margarita day at Barrio. For a dollar more add strawberry, ghost chili, or mango five-spice to the mix. Regular happy hour runs 3 to 6 daily, starting again at 11pm (10pm on Sundays). You can make a full three-course dinner of it here, with ceviche, tacos, and even churros for dessert. It’s the $10 combinations that tend to catch my eye, though. The B.B.B (can of cheap beer, Johnny Drum bourbon, and Barrio-spiced fries) or the Triple T (Tecate, tequila, and a taco) will get your food and drink order on the way in one easy swoop.   

The margaritas here aided in one of the best dates I’ve ever had, and I ended up married to him. This Latin restaurant in West Seattle has happy hour that happens twice daily from 4 to 6 and 10 to midnight. The house margaritas, sangria, and boozy rum punch come in at $5.50. The punch packs, well, a punch, served in a pint glass with a float of 151, so there’s a limit of two per person. Food prices range from $1.50 to $6, with hearty dishes like queso fundido, spicy calamari, nachos, and quesadillas.

For two-dollar tapas, visit this intimate, corner bar from 4 to 6 Monday through Friday, noon to 6 on Saturday and Sunday with a late hour Sunday through Thursday 11pm to midnight. Where else can you find a crostini with jamon and quail egg for $2? The menu has 10 snacks, including olives, spiced almonds, and boquerones. Also, take two bucks off all house cocktails including the ten-dollar margarita; I’ll let you do the math on that one.

The Saint
From 5 to 7 daily, squeeze into this turquoise cantina on Olive Way for its five-for-$5.50 happy hour menu. Crowds order carne asada and mole tacos, nachos, mini enchiladas, and ceviche with the traditional accompaniments. And drinks cover the spread from the Hermano (The Saint’s version of a margarita, brother) to an Old-and-Nutty with bourbon, bitters, and ginger.




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