Blaine Wetzel of Willows Inn, Canlis chef Jason Franey, and Ethan Stowell, chef of many things but here nominated for Staple and Fancy, repped Seattle in the James Beard Awards this year.

Well, it wasn't an award-winning night for the Seattle (and Washington) chefs who made the trek to New York for this year's James Beard Awards. Mission Chinese Food chef Danny Bowien took the Rising Star Chef award, dashing our hopes for a moment of glory for Willows Inn chef Blaine Wetzel. Meanwhile, Ethan Stowell and Jason Franey were in the running for Best Chef Northwest, only to have Gabriel Rucker of Portland's Le Pigeon win the day (and the requisite medal with James Beard's bald, smiling visage on it).

Next time, Gadget. Next time.

But hey, everyone looked great. And Seattle photographer Tracey Salazar happened to be in the area, and did the whole red carpet thing to get some photos of our local chefs (and a few celeb types) on their way into the ceremony. Ladies, if you ever wondered what Tom Douglas looks like wearing a suit, this is your lucky day. Also, why were you wondering what Tom Douglas looks like wearing a suit? Time to get a hobby.

Don't feel too bad for these guys, though. They managed to have a fun night regardless.