Pork belly hash. It's weird to drink at Canon when the sun's out. Photo via Canon.

Jamie Boudreau's house of booze now doubles as a house of brunch. Boudreau and Canon chef Andrew Cross have sustained a monthslong campaign to build a food program that's just as serious as the spirits. Now comes a daytime meal with social mores that dictate you consume food as well as drinks.

Brunch service starts at 10 on Saturday and Sunday and runs until dinner. I attended a recent trial run and even the early iteration of the pork belly hash knocked it out of the park. Boudreau says every meal starts with a mini-mimosa (the trial run was carrot) and a jar of "breadsticks," a humble way of saying "strips of addictive pie crust–type dough sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar."

The menu is divided between breakfasty items (spiced Cointreau French toast, a banh mi with a fried egg) and more lunch-leaning dishes like steamed mussels and lamb flatbread. I love the idea of the booze and bubbles menu that pairs sparkling wines and carbonated drinks with uncommon companions—think cognac and cava, Chartreuse and cava, or ginger beer and fernet. There's also a straight-up cocktail list; I could drink about five Caesar's Ghosts in one sitting, and the Toucan Gin Fizz is made with cereal milk and just might be the pinkest thing to ever be served inside Canon.

Here's the full menu. Though Boudreau says it will change often.


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