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We've talked about the stalwarts, now let's check in on the status of all the new projecs in the neighborhood.

Now Open

1. Gaba Sushi
Since its arrival in late December, this fast-casual sushi spot with the healthy GABA rice is already woven into the neighborhood’s routine, especially for lunch and (this being Seattle and all) on game days.

2. Bar Sajor
A local chef by the name of Matt Dillon has a new place—maybe you’ve heard of it? The chef threw open the doors amid a wind tunnel of buzz. No surprise, it's been perpetually busy, though whenever I’ve been in, the staff has made good on Dillon’s promise of customer-centric dining.

3. Rain Shadow Meats Squared
The popular butcher shop on Capitol Hill now has a Pioneer Square twin. A twin that serves a full-on menu of meat platters, tortillas Espanola, and kale salad. Damn it all, I haven't been able to stop in to eat yet, but I hear raves from many quarters. Plus owner Russ Flint just added a single-seating Saturday brunch.

4. Il Corvo
Every morning I subconsciously await that email blast from Mike Easton, running down the daily menu at his Il Corvo pastaria. That rundown is longer now that Easton occupies his very own space, which opened in January. Having an actual kitchen means he can offer cured meats and other fun little plates alongside his array of season-driven pastas. Easton says he has been booked solid with private dining so the monthly dinners he mentioned early on aren't in the cards right now. I'll try to be the bigger person and be glad for his success rather than mourning the awesome pasta dinners that could have been.

5. The Lodge
The Kirkland sports bar has a new Seattle sibling at 166 S King Street, across the street from the CenturyLink parking lots. Since March, the bar has been pouring beer from an impressive 70 taps; it’s open every day at 11 and serves pretty much the food you’d expect—hearty burgers, hearty sandwiches, hearty salads, and such.

Coming Soon

6. Tinello
This Italian dinette from Rudy LaValle of the former Rialto Pasta Bar and Grill (yes, and dad of Coco and Kelley's Cassandra LaValle) is busy with a buildout. We're thinking maaaaybe a May open.

7. E. Smith Mercantile
Technically this sweet mercantile opened on this month’s First Thursday, but for our (boozy) purposes, the craft cocktail bar planned inside the space probably won’t be in play until some time this summer. But meanwhile you can stop in for Thursday tastings (most recently fresh radishes with Plugra butter and Jacobsen sea salt) and fun takeaways like jars of peanut pecan butter from Big Spoon Roasters or bulk candy. 

8. Pioneer Square Farmers Market
Rebekah Denn of the Seattle Times says that Occidental Park is getting a summer farmers market, similar to the express markets that run at City Hall and in South Lake Union. Look for it to kick off June 19 and run Wednesdays from 10 to 2.

9. London Plane
The space at 300 Occidental Ave S (across the way from Bar Sajor) is in the midst of its transformation into a bakery, production, takeaway food, and wine bar space courtesy of Matt Dillon and Marigold and Mint owner Katherine Anderson. Look for it this summer, according to the last word from Dillon.