Every week the founder of Washington Wine Report, Wine Enthusiast contributing editor, and Seattle Met's house wine guru recommends a (typically) budget-friendly Northwest wine.  

What: For A Song Syrah Columbia Valley 2009 $15

Where: Wine World and Spirits

Why: When I first tasted the 2009 For A Song Syrah and asked hypertalented winemaker Kyle Johnson (formerly of Olsen Estates now of Purple Star Wines and Native Sun) what the price was, his answer elicited an expletive from me...something along the lines of "Holy script!" I expect a $35 wine to be impressive but finding a $15 that drinks like a $35+ wine? Never happens…almost.

The story goes like this. When Prosser-based Olsen Estates went out of business, local distributor Vinum Wine Importing smartly bought all of the winery’s inventory in bottle and in barrel. Some of the latter Vinum subsequently put under its own label–For A Song–and offered at restaurant-friendly prices, even though the wine was originally destined for much greater (read–more expensive) things.

The loss of this superb Yakima Valley producer is your gain here. Full of dark fruit flavors and luxurious amounts of French oak (with 18 months ageing whereas many wines at this price never see a day) it’s about as big of a value as I’ve come across from Washington. Drink up!

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