Rautureau will tip his chapeau one final time June 23.

Rover's owner and behatted chef-about-town Thierry Rautureau sent word via his newsletter today that he and his wife Kathy will keep the Madison Valley restaurant open until June 23. When Rautureau first announced (well, was forced to announce because of nosy media folks...sorry, Thierry) he would be closing his 25-year-old establishment, he planned to go dark in April. Then it was May. Summertime does seem like a fitting sendoff for the unstuffy fine-dining temple of French technique and Northwest ingredients.

Luc, you'll recall, will stay open. Rautureau's got something in the works for his post-Rover's life, but he's not saying what just yet. Meanwhile, make that final Rover's reservation here.


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