Brass Tacks
Rare is the bar that offers foosball, shuffleboard, and personal bottle lockers to hold regulars’ prized Scotches and whiskeys. A server will retrieve your bottle from the rustically styled bins in back of the room, display it for your group, and make sure the proper glassware is on hand.


Cocktail Masters sounds like the best advanced degree ever, but really it’s a program that rewards regulars for exploring the bar’s thoughtful cocktail list. Benefits like free appetizers and home bar swag come from working your way through 20, 30, and 40 house cocktails. You can’t drink the same thing twice, but the little booklet can be stamped at both Serafina and Cicchetti.


Regulars get access to a backroom bottle locker and special glassware and can make special requests for what cocktail gets aged in the barrel. Customers who help come up with new drinks get naming rights (and credit on the menu). Owners Andrew Friedman and Keith Waldbauer have even been known to prebatch special cocktails for customers’ birthdays and serve them up in flasks that bear Liberty’s logo (to be consumed on premises, of course).


Oliver’s Twist
Log enough hours on the stools ordering drinks from the talented barkeeps and your first name and go-to libation gets listed up on the board of regulars’ picks. Don’t come around for a while and your name might be gone. Just sayin’.


Radiator Whiskey
For anyone who loves books, booze, and intrigue, the forthcoming bar across from Matt’s in the Market (slated to open on April 1) will offer a flask club where members can make reservations for parties of up to six and roll in to find their favorite spirit waiting for them in a personal flask. Each flask will be stored in a hollowed-out book behind the bar. 


The Saint
Shell out $25 for the sleek little volume dubbed the Tequila Passport and collect a stamp for each new tequila you try here. Make your way through the entire 80-plus selection of bottles (a bartender signs, stamps, and dates each entry) and the bar throws a party for you and nine of your friends. Not that learning about tequila isn’t its own reward.


Published: April 2013

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