An iconic view is about to change. Photo via Patrick Rohe/Flickr.

 This morning the Pike Place Market’s Preservation and Development Authority sent word that the Seattle’s Best location in Post Alley is closed, as of February 24. 

Not a huge deal, right? I mean, this city has scads of locations around the city (have you seen that shiny new drive-thu in SoDo?), not to mention outposts of its parent company, Starbucks. But the Pike Place Market location’s shuttering means losing the red neon coffee cup at Pine and Post Alley, a star in so many Market photos by tourists, artsy photographer types, and local Instagrammers. KING 5 says the illuminated coffee cup has been there since 1984, when Seattle’s Best moved in. 

The PDA says it is working with Seattle’s Best to find a home for the sign elsewhere within the market. Oh, and Seattle’s Best’s departure means a new vacancy in prime Market territory. Maybe a Tully's can move in and erect a neon sign of Patrick Dempsey.

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