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Favorite Things: Mike Law of the Wandering Goose

He has some of the city's best baked goods at his fingertips, but it's freshly squeezed juice that gets this Southern chef going in the morning.

By Christopher Werner February 21, 2013

Heather Earnhardt and Mike Law. I mean, come on. That's adorable.

Heather Earnhardt has a friend in Mike Law; just look at that photo. The chef at her Capitol Hill cafe is a fellow southernerlike Earnhardt, Law moved here from the Carolinas—and he surrounds himself with biscuits (see below).

At The Wandering Goose Law runs the kitchen while Earnhardt handles the baking, and together they spin down-South charm like few others can. But even given the easy access, it's not buttermilks and bundt cakes with which Law begins the day—talk about willpower—rather it's freshly squeezed juice that gets him going. Read on for more of Mike Law's favorite things.

Dish to impress guests: Shrimp, clam, and andouille jambalaya.

Item on our menu: Bubble and Squeek: braised beef brisket, veggies, potatoes, and poached eggs.

Secret technique: I have no secrets—I’m an open book.

Guilty pleasure: Japanese-style hot dogs.

Food to fuel up before work: The Daily Squeeze here at the Goose. It's a rotating fresh vegetable/fruit juice we make every day with a juicer.

First dish ever made: Cream of Wheat.

Place to eat on a day off: Hoang Lan Vietnamese.

Place to drink on a day off: The park.

Recently splurged on: Plane tickets to New Orleans.

On the wish list: Wood-fired outdoor smoker.

Can't live without: A good baker!

What I miss most about cooking in the South: Staff coming in for their shifts with their Mardi Gras outfits still on.

Three things on the kitchen counter right now: Hot sauce, biscuits, butter.

Of all Heather’s pastries, the best one is: Brownstone Front Cake.

Place to buy cookware: Goodwill or Value Village.

Craziest kitchen story: Too crazy, you don’t want to know. Really.

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