So close! Bar Sajor photo via Geoffrey Smith/Twitter.

 Now this is a bar crawl I can get behind, even though they are in different neighborhoods. Two eagerly awaited new restaurants (or are they bars?) are just about ready to roll. Here's what we know.

Bar Cotto
The signs are up, the space is almost finished, and Ethan Stowell in crew are buttoning up the last few details before opening the doors. It might be today, it might be tomorrow. This little space adjacent to Anchovies and Olives has been billed as a salumeria and bar; while there is plenty of tasty cured meat happening on the menu, the two wood-fired ovens in back will turn out a nice-looking list of pizzas with toppings like guanciale and fennel pollen or aged fontina, thyme, and spring onion. The word from the staff at last night's open house: don't miss the bruschetta. Anchovies and Olives chef Zach Chambers heads up this place, too; the dining rooms are connected by a hallway in back, and a window up front.

Bar Sajor
Matt Dillon says his new Pioneer Square bar and den of wood-fired good times will likely open next Thursday, February 21. Though obviously that date is subject to change. Look for Bar Sajor to be open from 11 until close, he says, with close being loosely interpreted as around 9pm. At first it will be weekdays only, gradually moving into Saturdays. Track the website for updates.