It comes with a chaser of Excedrin. Not really, but you could order a Painkiller from the bar. Photo via Bait Shop.

 In humankind’s cognition of hangover food, is there really anything better than an egg McMuffin? I’m not talking about the chemical-laden reality, but the abstract concept, that memory from my nascent drinking days of the sheer brilliance that accompanies a sausage patty sandwiched in an English muffin and topped with gooey, yellow-hued processed cheese.

Last weekend, Bait Shop added to its brunch menu a take on the McMuffin that is largely housemade. A wild yeast starter helps produce the English muffins. Sausage patties are Carlton Farms pork butt and applewood-smoked bacon, ground together and seasoned with rosemary and brown sugar. The cheese looks like your average factory-produced slice of American, but chef de cuisine Sayab Poot makes it by blending French comte, and Tillamook sharp cheddar (and salt, naturally). The eggs are made from scratch…by a hen. 

There's also a vegetarian version, with tomato and avocado subbing in for the sausage. As of last month, Bait Shop is open at 11:30 on weekends for brunch. 

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