All by myself...with lots of sweets and booze

After listing dining options for those old flames, hot and heavy couples, first daters, and the unorganized, it’s time to offer relief from the mushiness. Here are some bars, restaurants, and bakeries where booze flows freely, chocolate is the main course, and singleness abides.

Bar manager Erik Carlson will serve up a Bright and Bubbly for drinkers who eschew the cliché of V-Day hate. But if you really do despise the day, go with his Brown and Bitter. If you're lucky, maybe a fellow bargoer will pick up the tab on the $11 drinks, which will be pouring in the bar 4:30 to 2am. 

Bookstore Bar
An anti–Valentine’s Day dinner menu consists of clever food specials like That Snake, a rattlesnake empanada with chipotle ketchup and lime creme fraiche, or two risotto balls served with roasted red pepper aioli called Revenge. Wash it down with a cocktail like the No Strings Attached, or an It’s Not Me, It’s You. Have both. Hell, have four.

Once again, the bar offers a safe and coupleless zone for anyone seeking a little peace and a lot of shots. Order up bitter amaro or fernet branca shots for $4, while holding a water gun to squirt the mushiness right out of the place. Seriously, you will get a water gun and are expected to use it against any pair that dares cross the PDA line.

Linda’s Tavern
gon get cray starting at 9 with beats thumping and drinks flowing. So why not send a Shot-O-Gram to the girl you keep making eyes with across the room? There's no cover for the bar's raucous Lonely Hearts Club Valentine’s Day Party. Up the hill, sibling restaurant Oddfellows has a dessert special of bittersweet chocolate mousse that comes with candied cocoa nibs and strawberries. No, you definitely don’t have to share.

Your Couch
Local confectioners have whipped up tons of Valentine's creations, meant to be offered to a loved one. But who’s to say that sweets like Cupcake Royale’s Death by Chocolate cupcakes, High Five Pie’s Mexican chocolate caliente pies, or Macrina Bakery’s red velvet cake topped with a dollop of vanilla bean pastry and white chocolate buttercream won’t taste just as good at home…alone…in sweatpants? Cue Bridget Jones.

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