Calozzi's Cheesteak Shop Is Moving Downtown

Look for the decadent, Whiz-laden sandwiches in the Rainier Building.

By Allecia Vermillion January 17, 2013

Calozzi's new home. Photo via the restaurant's Facebook page.

 A few weeks ago, cheesesteak shop Calozzi's dismayed its fan base with the closing of its Pioneer Square shop. Owner Al Calozzi says he wasn't ultimately able to secure a long-term lease, but he is excited to be taking his hefty, Whiz-laden sandwiches to a new location at 1306 Fourth Ave. It's the Rainier Square building, between University and Union.

The streetside space, formerly Great Steak, is basically turnkey, he says. So after a good cleanup and some minor changes, his team can start serving up cheesesteaks as early as mid-February.

Once its ensconced in its new digs, Calozzi's probably won't keep the same late-night hours it did down at Pioneer Square. Calozzi says he's shooting for 10-7, Monday through Saturday. Though that could change as he adapts to the new 'hood. Meanwhile, Calozzi's Georgetown location is open if you need a fix.


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