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Analog Cold-Brew Cocktail at Montana

This carbonated coffee and rum drink draws on the creativity of a coffee shop, a baker, and a bartender.

By Allecia Vermillion January 28, 2013

Coffee. Carbonated. With rum.

 Sometimes, it takes a village to create a cocktail. Or at least an ecosystem of neighborly businesses on Capitol Hill. It all started when Montana owners Rachel Marshall and Kate Opatz wanted to make one of their signature kegged cocktails using cold-brewed coffee from nearby Analog Coffee (whose owners, in turn, were inspired by the Montana ladies to serve their cold brew creation on tap). 

Marshall and Opatz consulted their next door neighbor, Crumble and Flake baker Neil Roberston, about complementary flavors. They were envisioning a whiskey drink, but Robertson threw them a curveball and suggested rum instead. Blending coffee with flavors like vanilla, cinnamon, and lemon gives it a lighter flavor profile akin to Coca Cola—carbonated and fizzy, but more complex and less toothachingly sweet. 

Local barman/spirits rep/raconteur Andrew Bohrer (a colleague of Robertson’s back in their MistralKitchen days) found Montana the perfect rum. From India. Amrut Old Port hails from Bangalore and Marshall says it had lots of vanilla on the nose, yet finishes bone dry. Opatz says customers will order the large-sized glasses at 1am, apparently unconcerned about the caffeine.

The Analog Cold Brew Cocktail has been in frequent rotation throughout the winter. In summary, it’s a carbonated coffee drink, made with rum, that’s light and yet completely cold weather-appropriate. And created through the collective efforts of three businesses within four blocks of one another. These days you can even enjoy one with a plate or two from another neighbor, Kedai Makan.

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