Thanksgiving 2012

War and Piece: An Epic List of Thanksgiving Pie Purveyors

The last part of the meal is also the easiest to outsource. Here, a massive list of where to preorder your pie.

By Brian Colella November 8, 2012

Remember the A La Mode...especially since this pie shop delivers. Photo via A la Mode's Facebook page.

Thanksgiving is probably our favorite holiday because it’s unabashedly all about the food. And when we say food, we mean pie—the part of the meal that's the easiest to outsource. Whether you’re trying to streamline dinner prep, or generally have zero inclination to fire up the oven, we’ve put together this guide to some of the best pie providers in town. And if pie’s not your thing, there are some great sugar-laden alternatives, too. 

A la Mode Pies
Chris Porter's little pie shop is baking six Thanksgiving specials this year, including marionberry and hazelnut, key lime, apple and ginger pear, and pumpkin pies. Each one is $27 and can be ordered for delivery (for a fee) or pickup through Monday the 19th. If you find yourself scrambling last minute, A la Mode will be open from 8­–3 on Thanksgiving Day. 5821 Phinney Avenue N; 206-383-3796; 

Ba Bar
For a less-traditional option, Ba Bar pastry maven Karen Krol has a $28 milk chocolate pear gateau, a flourless chocolate cake layered with milk chocolate pear mousse and cider poached pears, that serves 9 to 10. Krol's other pie choices include upside down caramel apple ($24), sour cream apple ($22), and sweet potato pecan praline pies ($24). If pie's not your thing or you just want to fancy it up a bit, grab a dozen macarons for $15 in salted caramel, cassis, pumpkin spice, or pomegranate flavors. Good news for procrastinators—Krol will be taking orders through the 19th. 550 12th Avenue; 206-328-2030; 

Chaco Canyon Cafe (Vegan, Gluten Free)
For the vegan or gluten free, all is not lost. Chaco Canyon has you covered on the favorites with a classic apple pie and vegan pumpkin pie, plus cranberry ginger pear pie and raw pumpkin spice tart ($49). All of the pies are available in 8" or 10" ($18 or $29) and on your choice of organic wheat or gluten-free crust. Get your order in by Sunday the 18th. 4757 12th Ave NE; 206-522-6966; 

Christine and Co. Catering
Owner Christine Lea's pies are an absolute steal at $15 for the rich pumpkin pie and $20 for apple, pecan with Kahlua and dark chocolate, black-bottom banana cream (aka bbbp), and cherry with lattice top. She'll do group deliveries to offices, too, with no extra charge. Order by the 19th, and pies will be delivered on Wednesday the 21st. 206-623-3173; [email protected].

Dahlia Bakery (Gluten Free)
Tom Douglas's bakery has delicious pies, yes. Also: a new cookbook out to help you recreate those pies yourself, and a readymade crust to make that option easier. If you'd still rather leave it to the pros, Dahlia spokeswoman Molly Melkonian says this season is all about perfecting old-fashioned favorites—the pumpkin pie is made from pumpkins straight from T-Doug's own farm in Prosser blended with butternut squash for a super smooth and creamy texture. The other featured pies are a hot buttered rum apple pie, Kentucky bourbon pecan pie, and the famed triple coconut cream pie.  Order before 3pm on November 20 (if you miss it for Thanksgiving, the holiday menu runs until December 24), or pick up in store on a first-come, first-served basis. Nearly endless cutomization and allergy-accommodating options are available as well, just call and ask. 2001 Fourth Ave; 206-441-4540; 

Grand Central Bakery
Want to make your own pie, but need a little help? Hit up Grand Central's Seattle-area locations for some U-bake pie crust and read up on baker Piper Davis's Golden Rules of Pie to get started. Fill your crust with one of Grand Central's holiday pie recipes, including pumpkin and bourbon pecan, or new seasonal additions cranberry pear tart, maple walnut, and apple brandy mince pie. If you'd rather just do the baking and none of the making, grab a U-bake apple pie. Also, pecan pies with fresh-crop pecans straight from a farm in North Carolina. 214 First Avenue S; 206-622-3644;

High 5 Pie
Dani Cone's pie den on Capitol Hill has a bevy of baked delicacies for you to choose from. Of course, there are classics—the Great Pumpkin, caramel pecan—but High 5 also has cranberry nut and sweet potato pies. If you were looking for apple, consider instead the salted caramel pear, with just-crisp-enough pears and a light bite of salt. Or check out their pie jars, which include apple, white chocolate cranberry, and marionberry (and would make great gifts). Other treats like scones, pie pops, cookies, pumpkin bread, and pumpkin mini pies are available as well. 1400 12th Avenue; 206-695-2284; 

Hot Cakes (Vegan)
"Molten chocolate cakes are the new pie," says Theo Chocolate's former head chocolatier Autumn Martin, who founded Hot Cakes in 2008, selling said cakes in jars at local farmers markets. This year, Hot Cakes is offering a holiday special of six organic dark decadence molten chocolate cakes with rye whiskey caramel sauce for $40. Orders need to be in by November 14, and cakes can be picked up through November 21. Vegan dark chocolate cakes are available, too. 5427 Ballard Ave NW; 206-420-3431;

Macrina Bakery
Pies will be available in the bakery's Seattle locations, but ordering ahead of time will guarantee you don't miss out. Call (or order in person) before noon on the 19th to claim a maple sugar apple, pumpkin, maple pecan pumpkin (tartlet), or orange pecan pie. Macrina's non-pie offerings star an autumn spice cake with apples, currants, walnuts, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves frosted with maple brown sugar cream cheese buttercream and a delicious-sounding pumpkin cheesecake on ginger molasses cookie crust. 2408 First Avenue; 206-448-4032; 

If pecan is your thing, Kim Mahar at RN74 is baking chocolate pecan tarts that can be picked up at the restaurant during regular hours starting November 7. The tarts serve 12, and at a reasonable $24 grabbing one is a great holiday deal. In store, the tarts will be first come, first served; but place an order by phone or fax with 48 hours advance notice to make sure you find the tart(s) you're looking for. 1433 Fourth Avenue; 206-456-7474; 

Skelly and the Bean
Bring in your own suitable Pyrex or aluminium pie plate and pastry chef Kathleen Callahan will fill it with Dutch apple or pumpkin-bourbon pie for $40. She's also making cranberry tarts and gluten-free frozen maple mousse for $45, no pie plate necessary. All pies are 9 inches and feed eight people (the mousse feeds 10).Order by 4pm on Friday, November 16 and pick up desserts between noon and close on Wednesday the 21st. 2359 10th Ave E; 206-328-2326;

Volunteer Park Cafe
Ericka Burke and pastry chef Emily Weeks will be offering up tried-and-true classics this year, available for preorder until November 15. For $32 each, pick up an organic pumpkin, organic apple, or chocolate pecan pie for your table by the 21st. 1501 17th Avenue E; 206-328-3155;

Yippie Pie Yay
Seattle's newest pie venture offers delivery (to Seattle and Eastside) and pickup options of whole pies, mini pies, hand pies, and specialty pies. The standard pie menu of spiced apple, blueberry, blackberry, and pecan bourbon is joined by seasonal choices such as a pumpkin pie sweetened with maple syrup. Vegan crust or other special requests can be accommodated. 206-227-9665;


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