Tim Pipes is tired of your jokes. Yes, he gets why you immature, gutter-minded Americans are sniggering about the name of his bar. But, he says, “Anyone who is a hockey fan or Canadian knows exactly what I’m up to.” 

The Angry Beaver opened recently in Greenwood as a bastion of hockey and all things Canadian. If we do end up getting our own NHL team, Pipes's timing will be consisdered a stroke of prescient brilliance.

No surprise, this shrine to Canadia serves poutine. But Pipes doesn’t just serve one variety on his menu. The Angry Beaver poutine flight consists of three little “beaver dams” of French fries, topped with mushroom gravy, beef gravy, and curry gravy. Take note, plantophiles, the mushroom and curry versions are vegan. Each little poutine is topped with a sprinkling of Beecher’s cheese curds. 

Pipes, however, has an entirely different menu obsession. The Canuck says he has yet to find a local version of fish and chips—nay, halibut and chips —that matches what he visits his mom in Victoria. What he’s seeking: “The batter is not greasy at all, the fish gets cooked all the way through, it’s not wet inside.” He's still tinkering with his recipe. "When we drill that down in the kitchen, I'm going to be the happiest man ever, because I'm going to eat the stuff twice a week."

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