Meander's Kitchen Goes Big in White Center

The constantly crowded diner is now serving up its waffles, gravy, and other breakfast divinities in a space that's twice as big.

By Allecia Vermillion November 14, 2012

Miranda Krone is still getting used to her larger space. Photo via Meander's Facebook.

 Over the weekend, the utterly charming Miranda Krone officially opened the new White Center location of her wildly popular Meander’s Kitchen in the former Papa's Pub space at 9635 16th Ave SW. Fans of the original outpost on California Ave might not recognize the place—there’s an insanely efficient hood and ventilation system, for starters. And more than 60 seats—twice as much as the old space. And a pool table…and jukebox.  

After two trial weekends in the new space (“holy cow, a whole lot of people showed up,” says Krone) and a day off today, Meander’s is now open Wednesday through Friday from 7 to 3, Saturdays from 8 to 3, and Sundays from 9 to 3. Some lunch-style items and late-night food service are on Krone’s long-term agenda. But for now the staff is still getting the hang of serving up the far-ranging breakfast menu to more people in a much larger space. (We're partial to anything that involves gravy).

Krone says she’s also working on an area to occupy kids. “I feel terrible when families try to come to the restaurant, and they’re faced with a 45-hour wait and they’ve got a two- or three-year-old with them.” A space in back can do holiday parties, private events, and even, says Krone, variety shows or burlesque, “like a low-rent Teatro Zinzanni.”

The new Meander’s also has a fryer, which means beignets and fried chicken, served with Krone’s Liege-style waffle, are now on the menu. It’s still cash only, but there’s an ATM at the restaurant. 


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