Plum mac 'n' yease is coming soon to a corner near you.

Now that the Kickstarter campaign for her vegan food truck is funded, Makini Howell is focusing her attention on other important things. There's permitting and wrapping the truck, and the small matter of what to name it.

The moniker will most certainly include the word Plum, a nod to the trio of vegan eateries Howell operates, "but the second part we have to figure out."

Her 12th Avenue restaurant is Plum Bistro, there's a deli, Plum Cafe, and an outpost at Seattle Centery Armory goes by Plum Market—it's a safe bet the name for this newest venture will include something to reflect its mobile nature. Plum on the Run?

Since the confines of a food truck don't allow for as elaborate of cooking, the menu won't totally mimic the ones at her brick-and-mortars. It will, however, include the mac 'n' yease that draws carnivores and vegans alike. Another offering Howell mentioned is po' boys, but that too "depends on the design of the truck."

If Howell's burgeoning business and the arrival of Veggie Grill didn't already signal it, Seattle's vegan community is growing. The timing for a food truck fully dedicated to the diet—the city's first—couldn't be better.

"I'm excited Seattle decided to throw its weight behind us," says Howell, whose plant-based empire also includes Hillside Quickie and Quickie Too.

Howell estimates the truck's arrival is maybe eight weeks out, or some time in late winter. Expect to see her behind the wheel, at least for a bit; whenever she opens something new, Howell works a number of shifts to make sure things are running smoothly.   

Neighborhoods Howell hopes to hit up include South Lake Union, Ballard, and Queen Anne.