Not to worry, these buttermilks will be back in December.

In the year and a half it's been open, Nook has inspired biscuit fanaticism (and some great photos) but now, say owners Aki Woodward and Alex Green, it's time for a change.

"Nook will continue to operate as a biscuit specialty shop, but the new format will be more like a coffee shop than a restaurant," according to Woodward. "As we've become busier"—and busy they are, hence the winding lines on weekend mornings—"we've realized our current space isn't equipped to handle a high volume of the made-to-order hot food items on our menu."

Woodward goes on to explain that customers came in expecting a full-service experience and requesting "full breakfast" items such as hash browns and eggs to order. "It wasn't possible with our model, in our space" —teeny, hence the name Nook. "We made the decision to simplify things and focus on making delicious biscuits."

In order to prepare for the revamp, Nook will close after this weekend for a short time. Upon reopening later next month, the duo's menu will be hinged solely on the handmade buttermilks, both sweet and savory. Also exciting: Woodward says she and Green are in the process of forging a partnership with a "newcomer to the coffee scene."

For updates on a reopening date, check the Nook website.

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