The biscuits, sniff.

Biscuits are quickly becoming a thing, thanks in part to this U District newbie known to draw such a crowd on weekends the grub sells out by noon. Those crowds come for the scratch "mini brunch" menu, which can be had on Saturdays starting at 8am.

In the kitchen of the teeny tiny Nook, owners and operators Alex Green and Aki Woodward turn out the handmade cakes and dress them up in a variety of ways: The bill posted last week included barbecue brisket on a biscuit (so fun to say it’s worth an order), poutine biscuit, and buttermilks with banana and pastry creme, or goat cheese, tomato jam, and egg. Also on the menu is a cheddar-chive variety, Nutella or jam toppings, and a breakfast soup. Note the offerings hover at $6 and under.

Should you venture to Nook and discover the buttered breads are no more (son of a biscuit!), you might consider this upmarket take on a fried chicken biscuit —so delicious it’s ridic.

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