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A Couple of Opportunities to Drink Wine and Eat Oysters

Raise a glass: Oyster season is in full swing.

By Christopher Werner November 2, 2012

Kusshi oysters are $2 at Luc. Photo via Facebook.

With its high acidity and mineral-chalky finish, muscadet makes an ideal pairing for oysters. Wine aficionados know this, of course, but those who have yet to experience the delightful combo have ample opportunity in the coming weeks.

Restaurants, bars, and several retailers and oyster farms are taking part in something called Muscadet Month. The timing for the promotion—it's two weeks in and ends November 15—couldn't be better; bivalve season is in full swing. There aren't really events, per se, so much as the participating establishments offering pairings. At Bar Ferd'nand, for instance, two kinds of the wine are being poured alongside $1.50 oysters Tuesday through Saturday 3pm–10pm. Kusshis from Deep Bay, BC are $2 at Luc, and 2-4 oz pours of muscadet are $10. 

Muscadet is likely to be on hand during Elliott's Oyster New Year Bash. The herculean fest takes place Saturday and features more than 30 varieties of the bivalves and 40-plus wines with which to wash them down. Ticket info can be found on the Elliott's website. If the $95 admission seems steep, know all proceeds benefit the Puget Sound Restoration Fund. Plus: oyster luge!

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