Stopsky's onion bagels, the winner in Nosh Pit's bagel taste test last year.

 Andrew Meltzer cofounded Columbia City Bakery and worked at Canlis before arriving at Stopsky's Delicatessen last year to create its hand-rolled, perfectly textured bagels. As far as baker fan bases go, this guy has a big one.

Meltzer says he has moved on from Stopsky's, is working on some new creations and home, and plans to visit India this winter for a little inspiration. He also may have a new project in the works, but it's all very up in the air right now.

Back on Mercer Island, Stopsky's owner Jeff Sanderson reports that Robby Preble has arrived to take over the bakery team (Stopsky's bagels, by the way, took first place in a highly official Seattle Met tasteoff last year). Preble's 30-year career includes helping reopen the oldest deli in San Diego, and baking at a retaurant owned by Laurence Welk. Here's his official bio.




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