Mercato Stellina, now a Tuscan-inspired pizzeria. Photo via Facebook.

In November of 2011, the team behind popular ristorante Cantinetta opened Mercato Stellina in Bellevue. Located at 10000 Main Street, the shop and deli sold kitchen sundries alongside panini, pizza, wines, meats, and imported cheeses.  

Restaurants launching mercantiles was a popular concept then. But like Local 360's ill-fated offshoot, Stellina didn't totally take; pizza, wine, and sandwich sales were steady, retail ones not so much. In August Stellina closed with promises of an impending revamp. 

Now that revamp is complete. Retail operations have been nixed, and Stellina is a full-fledged Tuscan-style pizzeria.

"We are focusing on what we do well, which is the restaurant business," says Trevor Greenwood, part owner and general manager of Cantinetta.

A brick oven arrived recently, and starting this weekend it will fire housemade, thin crusts topped with spot prawns, salsiccia, San Marzano tomatoes, or maybe chanterelle mushrooms. Emran Chowdhury, who has cooked in both the Seattle and Bellevue kitchens of Cantinetta, will helm the menu featuring four antipasti and eight seasonally driven pizzas. Several Italian sandwiches will also be served, due to popular request. 

Other changes include a full bar, positioned where the deli counter once was. There is more seating as well. Whereas the former Stellina boasted one large table there are now eight (and eight additional seats at that bar).

Mercato Stellina is open Tuesday through Saturday 11 to 7. On Sunday hours are 11 to 5.

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