Bar Manager: Gary Abts
1421 NW 7oth St, Ballard, 206-838-1960;

1. Garnish
Brandied cherries—made in house. “Anything we can create ourselves, we will attempt to.”

2. Rye
Old Overholt, aged in oak barrels for four months, to impart a woody flavor. 

3. Housemade Fernet
Abts and owner Brandon Pettit made “dozens and dozens” of trial versions of this herbal liqueur. They settled on a recipe that’s less minty and more chamomile-forward than the ubiquitous Fernet Branca.

4. Rhubarb
“It’s not necessarily a syrup; it’s a little heartier, a little thicker than that.”

5. Rachel’s Ginger Beer
The rye, fernet, and rhubarb are mixed, strained over ice into a Collins glass, and finished with this bracing ginger beer, previously produced next door at Delancey before outgrowing that kitchen.

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