Derschang describes Bait Shop as "maybe more on the King's and Linda's side of the family than the Smith and Oddfellows side." Pictured here is King's.

Last week brought word of a new Linda Derschang joint, Bait Shop, which is replacing Bako on the northern end of Broadway. Now from Derschang comes more details about the bar and restaurant.

Derschang is teaming with Eric Hentz of Mallet for the buildout. Hentz, whose handiwork includes fetching Capitol Hill spots Cafe Presse, The Saint, and Havana, is also doing Derschang's forthcoming 19th Avenue project, Tallulah's. For Bait Shop, they'll swap Bako's slick design for embellishments more befitting of the name.

"We are going with a bit of a Northwest nautical feeling; some comfy booths, perhaps a little knotty pine paneling as well," offers Derschang. Taxidermy? "Haven't decided yet." 

The menu is still in development but Derschang does have a few items in mind, including a fried chicken sandwich and fish-and-chips. For drinks, she's thinking frozen ones alongside scratch cocktails and beer.

Derschang has been brainstorming Bait Shop for a while now but just hadn't found the right location. When 606 Broadway East recently became available, the concept clicked: "We were very excited about both being on North Broadway and in the old Jade Pagoda space," Derschang says of the onetime dive bar occupant.

If Derschang's current establishments (King's HardwareSmithLinda's Tavern, Oddfellows) are any indicator, we're in for another winner.